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About Me

I’m deeply motivated to figure out the most effective ways to improve humanity’s well-being.

As part of this mission, I work on reducing existential risk as a research manager at Rethink Priorities. I also manage **Condor Camp, a project to support talented Brazilians to help with this vision.**

Previously, I worked on criminal justice reform and human rights. I did research, led a nonprofit, and worked as Chief of Staff of Justices in a criminal law court. I studied a master’s in Criminal Justice Policy at LSE, and Law at the Federal University of Pernambuco.

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This Site

I'm always happy to have a chat about related interests or career advice, so feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email me at renannascimentoaraujo at geemail dot com.

Artwork in the heading: J. Borges’s ‘Passarada Sertaneja’, Pernambuco, Brazil (no date). For more on Pernambuco’s art – ‘The Troubadours of Brazil's Backlands’ by Larry Rohter for The New York Times.

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