About Me

I’m deeply motivated to figure out the most effective ways to improve humanity’s well-being.

As part of this mission, I work on governing the risks from advanced AI systems as a research manager at the Institute for AI Policy and Strategy. ****

I also cofounded and advise **Condor Camp,** an educational nonprofit to support talented Brazilians with the skills and connections necessary to tackle AI governance, and help make it a more international and diverse field**.**

I previously worked at Rethink Priorities and the Legal Priorities Project. Before working with the governance of emergent tech, I worked on criminal justice reform and human rights. I did research, led another nonprofit providing advice to people in prisons, and worked in a criminal law court.

I have an MSc from the London School of Economics and a BA in Law from the Federal University of Pernambuco. I’m a lawyer in Brazil.

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You can shoot me an email at renannascimentoaraujo at gmail dot com or find me on LinkedIn.

Artwork in the heading: J. Borges’s ‘Passarada Sertaneja’, Pernambuco, Brazil (no date). For more on Pernambuco’s art – ‘The Troubadours of Brazil's Backlands’ by Larry Rohter for The New York Times.

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